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Enid’s greetings to the supporters of Voice of Women 2022

Dear friends and supporters,

Voice of women is still being heard every Saturday on Radio VOK. We thank God for this that has been done over the years!

We continue to appreciate you our supporters, you have lifted a woman, you have given her value. She is respected and honoured in the land!

We ended the month of November 2021 sharing about “Wisdom the beginning of Knowledge”. This was handled by Judy, Enid, Judith who talked about benefits of knowing God such as protection, providence, greatness etc.

We started the month of December preparing our listeners for Christmas and sharing about “preparing the way”, which was done by Esther first. We were glad to host Costance in this month.

Another topic under this theme were handled by Rev. Robert using Col. 2:8. See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy…

In January we were sharing about love, glowing and promises of God. This was hadled by Johnson, Judith, Enid and Ammabel and a team of women talkead about things that can make a woman glow such as time with God, real genuine joy, a smiel etaing well and doing something you love.

From this we recieved women testifying that they never used to smile but can now smile because they know they are valuable and they love themselves.

In the month of February we shared about thanksgiving. We were so excited that schools were opening after 2 years of lockdown. Dich, Penninah and Judy did this very well talking about methods of thanksgiving and reminding people not to forget where we were before. Indeed many people appriciated the fact that we survived COVID 19 and that having an attitude of gratitude is important!

In March we shared about living a purposeful life and this was handled by Patience, Judy and Enid. One youth later confessed he head lived a messy life but after the sharing he decided to go back to school as he had dropped out because of peer pressure. We praised God for such a testimony!

In April we continued with this same theme of purposeful living until in mid April when Herbert came in preaching the gospel but also inviting people for the Worldshine conference that was to take place in early May and conference was powerful and successful surprisingly there was a big turn up and preachers from different parts of the world did the work of God, many were delivered, saved and encouraged!!

After the confrence in May we handled the topic “Power in the word of God”. This was done by Enid and Phabis who shared about commitment to promises and the power that can resurrect things that seem to be dead using Luke 7:11-17 where Jesus said “woman don’t cry!” This was so encouraging and comforting to know that God records every year and he knows and hears those who cry.

Many people are hurt for different reasons poverty, marriage, losing their loved ones they called afterwards to appreciate! End of May we hosted women of purpose led by Gloria who shared about “you are letters, we are taken from Glory to Glory”. She used 2nd Corinthians 3.

And especially encouraging married men and women build stronger marriages and those in difficult relationships to reconcile and be one.

The discussion of marriage will be continued even in June.
July our theme is Enjoy your youth.
August Positive parenting
Sept Healthy
October Preaching gospel
Nov. The God of Heaven gives success
Dec. The cross of Jesus

Once again we cannot thank you enough but we still say thank you so much!
God bless you!

Coordinator Voice of Women programme
Enid Origumisiriza




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