Uganda- radiotyö, Vesanto Meri

Radiotyön raportti 2016

Välitän radiotyön kuulumiset 2016 Enidin omin sanoin:

Dear Friends,

I believe all is well with you.

Let me first of all, appreciate your efforts so much, we are proud of you because you have contributed to make us “women” responsible people in our communities, as you have maintained the voice of women program in Uganda. We sincerely thank God for you.

As we approach the end of the year let me report that VOW program has been well done as we host different people to talk to listeners on different Topics.

In January and February Theme was “For me and my house we shall serve the Lord” and this was done by Enid, Rev Amos and Kedrace as they argued people to make decisions and resolutions to serve God and especially building Altars of prayers as families as the saying goes” A family that prays together stays together, Kedrace also emphasized the fact that people needed to appreciate God for the previous year and even learn to appreciate the people they live and work with, Judith and Peninah on one of the days had opened for people to give them feedback, and people called in appreciating the program both men and women were saying they  had learnt a lot through the voice of women program.

We were also happy to host Patti and Sarah, who spoke to listeners on Radio, this was so great because we had been telling people about the supporters of our program but this time, they heard their voices on Radio. Patti and Sarah shared a woman being a “helper”, and explaining what the word helper means and also shared about leaving and cleaving” and talked about the program and support and appreciated the coordinators later people called me to appreciate the support and the way women have been uplifted through this program.

Still in Jan. and early Feb that’s when we ware preparing for elections in Uganda, and whenever we went for our program we prayed for the nation and those who were standing for different positions in government, reminding people to keep loving each other and not to fight.

In March our Theme was ‘‘how can a young person keep his /her way pure?’’ This was done very well by Judith, Austeen and Hillary. They were mainly talking to the youth. Judith who grew up as a double orphan gave her testimony and encouraged needy and orphans to live wisely and have self esteem as they grow knowing that one day, they would overcome. Austeen also talked to the youth, and told them that he had lost a year at university because of lack of school fees, his mother could not afford, but he was worke d in a hotel to get money to finish his studies he encouraged youth to work and not to bother parents when they cannot afford to pay for them and am happy that October this year Austeen graduated. After the Radio program Austeen and Judith got many children going to them for counseling because their teaching had impact, as Austeen also shared about the widow who survived because Ravens brought her food for some time. He told youth that whatever circumstances God knows them and would make away as long as they walked in the right way.

In the month of April we hosted Rev. Dr. Merdard, with Joan a lady from South Africa and Herbert They preached about Isaih60:1 Arise and shine which was the theme of world shine ministries conference that took place in may especially Rev. Merdard preached about Joseph and the son of soul who at one time had been forgotten but when God came in their situation, they rose and shone again. Listeners were encouraged so much those who were down cast rose up and were strengthened. Many people turned up for the big conference which Rev. Merdard had organized many who heard it from our program were healed, saved, delivered and were set free. The conference was successful, it has had an impact to the extent that now in that place, over night prayers are held and people are praising and worshiping in truth and in spirit. In December 28th Rev. Medard and his wife Costance will hold their anniversary thanks giving in the same place where the conference was held.

Towards end of mMay and early June our theme was from Prov. 16:24 ‘‘pleasant words are like a honey comb, sweetness to the soul and health to the bones” this was done by Judith Jona, Enid Agatha, Jolly and Patience. These were speaking to women to use soft and sweet words in their homes especially because words are so powerful, they can build or can destroy peoples’ lives. Since those topics , we have been meeting women who would confess having destroyed their homes and children because of the words they used one woman had this to say “Thank you for the voice of women program, The people at home had started fearing me because of my words but now when they see me they welcome me and we sit and talk freely”

Another woman said “I am sorry I had started calling my own children dogs but now I use good words even when they do wrong, I know how to handle them”.

Another one said “Thank you Enid, I have stopped complaining about everything and have learnt to appreciate my husband and now it’s like we are in Honey moon”

In the month of July, There was a Discussion about the “role of a husband and wife” this was interesting because it was touching sensitive issues in the Home.

Because of the many challenges in homes Topics concerning families are liked very much and we get feedbacks from people asking us to repeat the Topics.

In August our Theme was “Pray without ceasing” and this was done by Peninah Judith and Gloria who talked about how Elijah prayed for rain prostrating with great Faith and it rained.

In September The Theme was “Don’t give up” this was done by Grace Patience Enid, sharing about the mother of Moses who never gave up on Moses but hid him for 3 months, until she put him in a basket to hide him outside where the Daughter of Pharoah found her. People were encouraged not to give up on anything as long as something or someone is not dead-Don’t give up!

In the month of October the Theme was “Love” this was done by Pr Benon, Enid and Peninah and Lois. That God is Love and so that is this Nature to love. We cannot do without love.

In month of November our theme was about “Counseling” This was done by Margret a professional counselor, and Rev. Emmanuel, this has been very effective in that people have started looking for prayer partners, mentors and counselors’ whom they can share their problems with. The Topic of forgiveness has also been tackled.

Our listeners are so excited with the different topics that are always handled and we are very much appreciated and lifted up as women in our community.

In the Months of December, we are preaching messages to prepare listeners for Christmas, prepare their hearts to receive love and not to be anxious of anything but to bring everything to God. This is being handled by Pr. Frank, Judith, Peninah and Enid.

The impact has been so great because of the uniqueness of our program-we host different people, address a variety of Topics and being a programme hat is Moderated by women, it makes it so special and Unique thus very interesting. We only pray that God will keep providing forever! Words to appreciate you always fail me.

“Thank you” Thank you and Thank you.

I wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!





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